From the blog of romance author Juliet AharoniWelcome to my blog! I am Juliet Aharoni, self-published author of the romance novel, “Together They Overcame“. I attended Bar-Ilan University and live in Even Yehuda, Israel.

“Together They Overcame” weaves fictionalized versions of my own experiences living in Israel into the romantic tale of a newlywed couple struggling through the prejudices and hardships of war-torn 1950s Israel.

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  1. TOGETHER THEY OVERCAME is available for 99c. on Amazon.
    ‘Together They Overcame’ is a novel to be read during the holiday season.
    If you decide to download, could you please read and review. Thank you.


    A German Catholic young woman falls in love with an Israeli soldier and against all odds; they try to make their marriage succeed. The setting is Israel, not long after the atrocities of the holocaust – concentration camps. Can the survivors of this awful period accept the descendant of a German Catholic in their midst? Will the couple overcome the hostilities?


  2. Thank you Juliet for dropping into my blog and look forward to your posts. best wishes Sally

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